Private Jet Charter – The Terms You Should Know


When it comes to charter flights you can often get a little confused as to what you need to know. For some reason, people seem to think that all you have to do is hire the plane and that’s it but in truth you need to know a few terms first. This isn’t about learning the flying lingo but rather the flying terms that may affect your flight. Read on to find out a little more.

How Much the Rate Is Per Hour?

For the most part, private jets or airliners who offer private flights will offer charge per hour. Now, this is a good thing, especially if you’re only going to be flying a short distance. However, you still are charged for the time in which it takes to taxi the flight and all that so it might not be as little as you think. Private jet charter usually is affordable, especially for hourly rates but the rates can vary depending on the length of the journey and the actual company. If you’re flying a short distance, the chances are the costs will be low and quite affordable.

Surcharges for Fuel

Despite the fact you are paying to rent the plane for a period of time, some airliners do not include the fuel costs in that charge. Fuel surcharges are quite a necessity for some private charters and you need to be aware of this when booking charter flights. The costs for fuel can vary considerably but it shouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars at best. Now, the reason why this happens is simply because rising fuel costs have caused private companies to charge for the excess fuel in order to keep them afloat. It’s not ideal but that’s why flying isn’t cheap.

Having a Minimum for Time

If you are flying basically 30 minutes away and aren’t using the aircraft anymore, you might still have a full day or full hour on your bill. The reason why this happens is simply because some companies have a minimum in which the plane can leave their base. For example, if you were to fly an hour away and the plane returned, it’s only an hour of flight time but if the company had a two-hour or even a day policy, you could be charged for the entire day. Minimum times and charges have to be considered when it comes to private jet charter. Yes, you don’t always get this additional charge but you never know.

Overnight Fees

flightOn some charter flights, the aircraft crew such as pilot, co-pilot and flight attendant must stay overnight. When this happens, they have to be put up in a hotel so there is an extra charge for this. However, that doesn’t mean to say they must stay in a five-star hotel but just a good and safe accommodation. These fees are necessary to ensure the crews have a place to stay should the trip last at least one night. learn more from

Get In The Know

It’s absolutely crucial to learn a few of the terms you might face when it comes to booking a private charter flight. Yes, you might think some of the charges aren’t necessary or applicable to you but you never know! It’s wise to learn a few of the basics so that you can hopefully be prepared if they should come your way on a private jet charter.

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