The Benefits of Travel

When it comes to travel, there’s a lot going for this tried and true, time honored pastime. There’s a little something for everyone. There’s so much to see and so much to do in this great, big, beautiful world of ours that it behooves us greatly to at least make the attempt to see more of it for ourselves. There are endless sweeping natural vistas that will take your breath away with purse awe of the sight. There are many and varied cultures in the great tapestry of human culture. There are colossal man made wonders to enthrall you. There’s nothing quite like travel, especially when you’re documenting your trip with your Canon camera to later look back on or share with loved ones. Travel is many things. It’s something to do, first of all, regardless of your specific desires. It’s a learning experience primarily, though. Whether you’re about, or from, other cultures, studying the architecural or civil engineering greats in foreign lands, or getting a deeper glimpse into natural world of wild flora and fauna, traveling has a lot to teach us. Or, maybe you’re the stick in the mud that travels for work and has the audacity to not appreciate the travel for its own sake. Again, there’s something for everyone, even if it’s that travel has become convenient enough as to be taken for granted.


However, we can go deeper than these surface level observations about the benefits of travel. For instance, yes, we’ve covered the many cultures on this planet, but we can travel with a more specific goal in mind regarding them. For example, one great travel goal is travel to, say, Israel if you’re of the Jewish faith. This is not only an option but also a trip of great significance within Jewish culture and a rite of passage for many. On a similar note, a Muslim rite of passage entails a pilgrimage to Mecca known as the hajj that occurs annually. There are many different religions, or other forms of spirituality, even, to learn from ,as well, even if you’re not already of that religion or spiritual philosophy. Another great benefit of travel is that of simply living among another people for awhile just to soak in the local flavor, so to speak. There’s really no substitute for simply living among them when it comes to understanding a foreign culture, and I think understanding other cultures is exactly what the world needs right now.

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